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We rely on OpenVPN technology to provide our service in a safe-encrypted fashion and while we may log the amount of data transited through your account and your original IP in order for us to apply our fair-use policy, these logs are regularly deleted from our servers and will never be sold or used in any other way than providing ameliorations to the service. With DueVPN, neither us or your ISP will be able to see what sites you are visting.


We offer VPN access through our main nodes based in Paris, France and Los Angeles, United States. You'll have plenty of bandwidth to browse safely and enjoy french, european, or american geo-restricted content.


2+ countries


We make it clear because it should.


Access to PAR02 server

Access to 3+ servers's Web Proxy

Cloudflare Privacy DNS

Minimum logs


Access to 2+ servers

Access to 3+ servers's Web Proxy

Cloudflare Privacy DNS

Friendly support

Minimum logs


Access to 1 server (your location)

Access to 3+ servers's Web Proxy

Cloudflare Privacy DNS

You control logs

Setup support

Blue €10/year
Our yearly offer for unlimited access to our DueVPN Webproxies.

disclaimer Your subscription includes a 1 day free trial in order to get your credentials from our friendly human staff. Your ZIP code may be requested by our payment processor in order to prevent fraud.

[+] DueVPN specific terms and privacy policy


What you should know.

By subscribing to DueVPN you are accepting our terms and privacy policy and you agree to our fair-use policy (more informations on first contact). If you don't respect the fair-use put in place to preserve the system from abuse and maintain sustainability, we reserve ourselves the right to deny acceptance, refuse or terminate your access if it does not meet our requirements. We will always try to see with you what the problem is and try to resolve it with you before termination. You are forbidden from spamming in any way, use this tool as a way that can be nefast to other services, do harm to the service purposely, download illegal or copyrighted content. Your plan can be paid each month, trimester, semester or year. Discount may apply when yearly payment is made. We do not meter the bandwith nor limit the usages permited with the service. Our payments are processed by Stripe, Inc. (under DUEWORK*DUEVPN name) and therefore are protected and compliant with regulations. This service doesn't guaranty anonymity on Internet ; it limits tracking and hacking while giving a pseudo-anonymity. DueWork and its administators can't be taken responsible for the usage made by its users. This service works best with 1 device connected to the same account in the mean time as a technology limitation and is not under our control. Dedicated offer is done by leasing a virtual private server (VPS) dedicated to your use for a VPN usage in your name in the country you desire (upon availability). You claim full ownership for the actions you take on it subscribing for it. You may not resell access but are allowed to give them away to family or friends. Payment for this plan is exclusively yearly. For more informations, contact us. The "Discovery Trial" offered on this page is billed through Stripe directly and is available for 30 days upon administrator's approval (approval time is NOT included in those days). The plan can be reconducted upon support request to keep your credentials.

Download the specific terms, privacy policy and fair-use policy for DueVPN here.